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Med Beds, The Multiverse and Humanitarian Projects with Honey C Golden and Alisa Saoni

Q&A with Jens Rider with Alisa Saoni

The Melting of the 2 Glacial Walls

The 2 Glacial Walls of NuMu are melting due to the affect of Alcyone’s Light upon our Local Sun and therefore upon NuMu

We are presently in the center of 2 glacial walls under a force field dome of protection, it is about 100k miles around. It is better to melt both walls instead of one so that the waters can be more evenly dispersed upon NuMu. However, there are great creatures that exist in the waters behind the 2nd glacial walls that will now have access to our oceans. We will need to be careful of them. They will not be hunted.

The Tatarians, original people, live behind the outer walls with some who have ascended. They are spiritually and technologically advanced and live in oneness with nature. When we are in full 5d we may be able to join them.

The area behind the first wall are inhabited by creatures that we were told live in our fairytale books, such as fairies and talking animals.

The area behind the second glacial walls have more land and islands. If needed some of us can be relocated there, in time. There will be no claiming of land, no planting of flags. NuMu is a free planet for everyone, she is about 600k miles around. Everyone is free.

There is no money or credit. We operate in a consciousness of infinite abundance and infinite eternal peace and family.

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