NuMu Healthcare

NuMu Healthcare Based on Holographic Reelity

Med Beds, From the Past, Present and Future Explained with Honey C Golden and Z

The Old, Present and Future Med Beds

This projected reelity we live in is based on holographic projection. The med beds access the genetic coding and the akashic records in our DNA to project a more perfect reelity of the self.

Therefore disease can be corrected, missing limbs replaced and access to our innate talents and intuitive energies: purpose, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinetic abilities, creativity and ability to be creators, art etc. It brings those things that are dormant in us to a more conscious level so that we can access them at will.

The Galactic Federation of Light has a more updated version of med beds. Since NuMu is now part of this collective, each individual can ask for their help, when needed, as long as we are not operating in the dark energy of fear.

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