How To Build With Rammed Earth

Building With What Gaia has Provided

Rammed Earth Construction

Building Rammed Earth homes consist of using simple ingredients: Dirt, Clay, Gravel, Sand of varying colors, (sometimes dyes for the sand) cement and water.

Historical Rammed Earth Communal Homes of China

Fujian Hakka Tulou Communal Homes of China

Note: Did you know that the Great Wall of China was built using Rammed Earth.

These communal homes are 100-400 yrs old and were built using rammed earth and home made bricks. Some are still inhabited even today and are home to over 600 people. The elderly inhabitants were born in these communities and are 80+ years of age.

The Science Behind the Dome

How domes maintains the room temperature sometime 40 degrees different than the outside.

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