A Word From Kryon The Magnetic Master from Our Central Sun, Alcyon

The Asantas live in our Galactic Central Sun, Alcyon. Yes, there are people living in our Sun also. According to the Book of The Secrets of Enoch, 100k angels attend our Sun.

A message from Kryon (telepathic communication), The Magnetic Master from Alcyone, our Central Sun.
The Asanta live in the Central Sun. Kryon has been addressing us since the 1980’s. These are our brothers and sisters.
They are here to help us during this time of The Great Shift. They do not want us to worship them.

The Manasic Photon Belt (Soul Light Belt) proceeds from Alcyon’s light. It transforms and transmutes whatever goes through it.

As our solar system goes further into this light, the night will seize and we will experience timelessness.
We will join Heaven and count periods or eras that Heavenly Father charts.

Manasaic (Soul) Photon Belt
Photon Belt and in Relation to Other Suns
Our solar system has began our 2000 years in Alcyon’s Light. Alcyon Light transmutes everything on a soulish, genetic and sub-atomic level. Nothing escapes Alcyon’s Light.

The Shift That Has Occurred in Earth’s Consciousness

Shift in Consciousness – Moving Towards the Light
The Lightworkers Handbook

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